Don Cheadle and Jeffrey Wright, two of the most talented character actors today...

But who's your favorite? What are some of your favorite performances?


Brandon said...

I think that this will be a see-saw contest with a fat kid only because i feel like don cheadle is more recognized even though i love jeffrey wright. Don cheadle is a great actor and he always gives a great performance. But what made me like jeffrey is that corny ass shaft movie with sam (i dont age) jackson. Not because it was a great role or anything but because it was the first time i had ever seen him and i really thought he was spainsh...lmao...when i found out he was black i was like he is the greatest of all time. So for me Jeffrey wins!!!

Diallo said...


The guy brings an amazing character every time.

Love Cheadle (Mouse in Devil in a Blue Dress is a classic), but Wright shines every single time.

Anthony said...

The first time I seen Mr. Wright in action was in "Manchurian Candiate", and although his role was huge he still left a impression on me. I remeber saying, " who is this werid guy and why is he so effin important". The next time I saw him was in "Lady in the Water" and I hate to admit, I was kinda disappointed. I think it was because of the movie, it was just wack. However, the dude is madd talented - I mean, good. I think he should land more roles but I dont know why he hasnt. Nowwwwwww, Mr. Cheadle, the first time I seen this dude - shit I cant even recall - but he has had some bad roles and some good roles. I dunno, I have to say Cheadle because I have seen more of his work. At the end of the day, they are two great actors who need more praise and recognition.

Thomas Fraser said...


If Jeffrey dressed up as a homeless man on the street, the average person would not know who he was.

Cheadle is Cheadle.

While still a great actor, Jeffreys roles are always different.

That's the kind of career that I want. But as a stand up comedian, it's gonna be a loooong road.

Naijha/TheLandofKush said...

I like them both! I've seen Jeffrey Wright on the big screen and on Broadway (Top Dog, Under Dog with Mos Def). That's a tough one. Cheadle, in my opinion, has been getting the most air play. I wonder why?