Hey Eddie,

It was really great seeing you at Chris Rock's show a few weeks ago. Chris always delivers, doesn't he?! Anyway, I'm writing you because, while it was great hanging out, there were so many things left unsaid.....

I miss you Eddie. I miss the joy you brought into my life. I guess what I'm trying to say is......I miss you making Rated R movies. It's been NINE YEARS since you shot Life....and to tell you the truth....I didn't really like it.

I've held my tongue long enough. Are you ever coming 'back'? I hear rumors every year that you're coming 'back' and you're going to start by first hitting the stage. Is this true?

This constant waiting is bringing out the worst in me. Last night while I was watching TV, I became overcome with jealousy, because I realized that not only did you leave me with no warning, you left me for CHILDREN.

Don't get me wrong, most of those movies were funny and you constantly reminded us that you're still a comedic genius, especially in The Nutty Professor.

But aren't you tired of talking to animals, children and yourself in every movie? Wouldn't you like to yell, tell dirty jokes and curse again?

Now, I know you've made a lot of money on all those PG-13 movies, but it's time to come home Eddie. I miss you. We all miss you. So come home Eddie. Come home.

I'm going to end this now, but before I go, I want to leave you with some of my fondest memories....

I will welcome you back with open arms, whenever you're ready.

Call me,


Please share your thoughts with Eddie and I in the Comments section.


Nicky said...

I really feel like Eddie's all about the $$$ and isn't coming back. He sold is soul to the green. Sorry Am.

Anonymous said...

I agree for my time Eddie is the man. I would pay
11 bucks if i was guarnteed a fuck you from Eddie. Unfortunatly I have to agree with Nicky its a wrap for Mr. Murphy as we 80's babies knew and loved him =(

Anonymous said...

I agree with Amber Eddie! DELIRIOUS was the shit. GOSH DAMMIT CURSE!
~D. Bargeman

Zoie said...

I hear rumors all the time that he's coming back too. I think that the formula that Eddie is following now (i.e. PG-13 movies) is not only a bigger payday, it's also easier performance-wise.

If Eddie wanted to go back to his roots and start making Rated-R movies again, he would also have to get back on stage and get his mojo back. Problem is it's been a few years (25 years to be exact) since he's been on stage and he may be a little rusty. In fact, he may bomb in the beginning. I think the possibility of arguably 'the greatest comedian of all time' bombing on stage, might be a little too much for Eddie to stomach.

So cross your fingers, but don't hold your breath.

Brandon said...

Here is how I feel about Eddie. I look at Eddie's career like i look at fashion lines that were on top but are now just around but still bring in money. We wont use examples like FUBU but we will use Pelle Pelle. I know what your thinkin Pelle Pelle clothes suck but guess what their leather doesnt... My point is Pelle Pelle hit the scene as "Marc Buchanan" and took the fashion world by storm with there assortment of leather clothes and jackets. They eventually started producing regular clothes that sucked but made sense cause the name was strong... People today will say that Pelle Pelle clothes suck but their leather jackets are phenomenal and never cease to amaze... That pretty much sums up eddie's career. He came out strong made a name does the other stuff because he can and still gets paid but he always lets you know he is still a phenomenal actor (dreamgirls).. So people dont get it twisted its just how the game goes...

Diallo said...

I disagree with all of you.

Amber, LIFE was a great movie. Definitely underrated.

Brandon, no way Eddie is like Pelle Pelle. If anything, he is like Public Enemy or KRS-ONE (the best in his day, may not support the stuff he does today, but a classic that will stand the test of time, as opposed to Pelle Pelle which will never come back in style).

Zoie, I know you weren't claaiming he was the best comedian of all time, but in case anyone wants to, two words...Richard Pryor.

No one beared his soul like Richard, or made the Eddies, Martins, and Daves possible like Richard did (much love to Red Foxx and the Cos).

Alright. Said my piece.

Anthony said...

First and foremost. 5 star post! I also hated "LIFE" - I mean I couldnt stand the shit. I rather watch a woman giving birth then watch that shit again - no, like forreal forreal would watch a woman give birth than LIFE;really. I think Eddie saw other comics on the rise *cough cough* (CHRIS ROCK) and decided that he better get out while the getting was good. I mean, seeing the dudes stand up back in the day and watching the movies he has done, and currently doing, today is a complete 180. I will take it even a step further, if someone would have told me eddie was gay back when he did "RAW" I would have said, " you are smokin shit"....nowadays if someone said eddie is gay, I may have to withdraw my arguement - now I know this is not directly related to his movies, but the point I am trying to say is eddie has changed drastically. I mean, I dont know what the fuck happen to him...but he doesnt appear to be the same eddie we loved, I mean " Coming to America" - is a classssssssssssssssic. If a person is "African-American" and has not seen Coming to America, I seriously question there "blackness" - Lol. Ok, let me stop being a idiot. Bottom line is I highly doubt eddie comes back to the stage, he is making too much money making little kids movies and movies the "public" would love. If he were to come back to the stage he would be expected to pick up where he left off and he knows he would be missing out on a lot of money to make people happy. The lemon is not worth the squeeze to him.